healthy meal ideas to lose weight

You might be thinking of who should you listen? the heart or the brain. Well I would say listen to your brain as it will never mislead you, heart will always provoke you to do things which has affectionate feelings for something. If you are thinking to work on a dietary route than I would suggest you to have a planned diet chart which comprises of great amount of vitamins, omega-3, iron, zinc, calcium, and of course potassium. People usually discard one of the nutrients from their platter and as a result they end up having improper health which later on proves out to be an open door to many diseases which are home to your body. You health is in your hand so better watch it with utmost care. Add green vegetables in your platter thrice in your meal that is Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Broccoli soup is the best as it helps to kill many hidden diseases within your immune system and outshines your skin. Drink lots of water and prohibit oily food as it increases bad cholesterol, make sure you use only olive oil in whatever you cook because olive oil is low in fat and carries good cholesterol which helps to improve your digestive glands and immunity. Exercising in morning is the best as you inhale fresh air and you have a one on one with nature. You must have notice you feel a sense of positivity while walking around in the morning well that’s a kind of karmic connection you have with nature and that is something beyond explanation.

Monday’s Blues- Eat boiled chicken; it will help a lot to gain muscle as well as has a lot of fiber in it. It is a great source to lose weight.

Tuesday’s Hacks- Eat a lot of fruits except banana as it increases weight. You can have a fresh fruit juice in a day as it will help a lot to build great immunity.

Wednesday’s Love- Eat a large bowl of lentil soup or vegetable with oatcakes. Trust me it tastes like heaven when it goes down in your stomach.

Thursday’s Sunshine-Noodle with prawns and Tuna is a king size meal in your journey to weight loss. Gently light brown the vegetables with a little olive oil, add black pepper prawns, tomato puree and tuna canned in water. Stir until the sauce thickens. Now it is ready to be eaten with noodles.

Friday’s Zest-Eat plain yogurt with some fresh fruits; add some honey over it. It is like flirting with your taste buds.

Saturday’s Fever-You can eat Veggie Lasagna add tofu and spinach for taste. It contains natural fiber that keeps your digestive glands active.

Sunday’s Funday-You can have 3-4 ounces of meat (fish, chicken, turkey and beef) have some brown rice with it as it contains low starch.

Guys hop you like these 7 Day Meal Plan to Lose Weight, so stay tuned with us to know more about healthy lifestyle and easy method to lose weight.