healthy meal ideas to lose weight
healthy breakfast meals to lose weight

Healthy Breakfast Secrets To Lose Weight

A Healthy Lifestyle comprises of proper nutrition and daily exercise that leads to a better hygienic lifestyle. Breakfast is the important meal of the day, it keeps you moving all day long as well as keeps your mind active but a proper and healthy breakfast is a must to follow a healthy life pursuit. One should keep in mind what you eat is what you look, so eat something that makes you look more flawless and glowing. It would be more apt if you follow a proper diet chart prescribed by a well professionalized nutrition, you will be able to know where are you putting your step and where are you lacking behind. People who are more into getting rid of their fat belly do a whole lot of experiment with their food and here they are a bit perplexed about the meals they should actually have it in their platter. I would recommend you to have a 3 time proper meal because it is mandatory for your body, if u skip a meal then you will have to face weakness and lousiness, which in turn won’t make you do any work and as a result you will search for your bed to sleep on.

Let me tell you some of my secrets that will help you out to Lose Weight by having a healthy yet delicious breakfast.

healthy breakfast meals to lose weight

Egg White- It is healthy as well as a great source of protein that keeps your stomach filled for longer. All those who are on dieting race can jump into this and have egg white in their breakfast, it is good for your skin too as it brings a shine on your cheeks.

Oatmeal- It can help you lose weight tremendously as it has fiber and “slow release-carbohydrates”.

Peanuts- you can easily rely on peanuts. Add peanuts while having oatmeal in breakfast. The crunch will taste delicious yet healthy.

Green Tea- avoid taking those regular milk tea as it contains 60 per cent calories and those 60 per cent calories means 17.5 kilograms in a year that you are eating. Whoa you need to stop right there, start having green tea now; it contains EGCG which helps to reduce excess fat within a week as well as it is good for you skin too.

Raspberries- It has 12 grams of fiber; it will help you eat less on lunchtime.

Tofu Scramble- Preheat the sauté pan for 2-3 minutes and then add tofu and vegetables Cook it for 5-7 minutes and stir the pan often, serve it in platter with thin sandwich and sprinkle some cheese and oregano for taste.

Pistachio Rice Pudding- Cook rice in milk then mix some pistachios with sugar and cinnamon. Eat this daily it contains lower BMI.

Hope you will surely try one of my secrets, I know you will for sure. Once again I would say eat healthy and stay healthy, worship your body and maintain it rigorously. A Healthy lifestyle adds a charm in your personality.