healthy meal ideas to lose weight
healthy meals for dinner to lose weight

It is important to take a note on what you are eating, because you are what you eat. You should always hog on healthy food as it serves as a catalyst to the liver in maintaining the proper balance and controls the hygiene system. Talking about meals that could really help you losing weight even at your supper time, then firstly I would like to tell you to make sure that you don’t eat much at night, design your platter with a light food. It helps in proper digestion too. If you want to lose weight then you are subjective to take 450-550 calories a day, it will help you maintain a weight you wish to have or looking for.

Here are some of my advices to you as advised by my nutrition to follow a diet pursuit for losing weight by having the right dinner.

Green Salads- It has a lot of fiber that makes your stomach filled for hours, it will help you scorch extra pounds and even promote gradual weight loss.

Spaghetti- All you got to do is sauté onion and peppers in heated oil until onion caramelizes; lastly mix pasta, now you are ready to enjoy your lustrous dinner.

Chocolate coated Banana bites- This is the best and easy form of having a meal. Just take some banana, chop them in slices with knife then melt some chocolates and coat it over the bananas. It is a rich source of starch which is considered to be healthy carbohydrate.

Black beans Pizza- It carries 400 calories, just bake a pizza blend some black beans, scallions, olive oil, and some lemon juice, not only it will taste yummy but healthy too and above all will help you lose weight.

Shrimp Pasta with Yummy Salad- Fry tomatoes sun dried in pan with olive oil toss pasta with shrimp and pine nuts sprinkle some parmesan and serve it with salad. Pine nuts highly increase body’s secretion which directly low downs your appetite.

Cheesy Veggie Pasta-The meal consist of 439 calories. Cook zucchini wedges and chopped spinach in a preheated pan with olive oil add whole wheat macaroni with crushed peeled tomatoes low-fat ricotta cheese. It will taste delicious as well as healthy to the stomach for supper.

Readers go meatless for a weak and see the difference, you will see a positive change in your body and health. Once again I will say don’t bring in the thought of starving for 2-3 days as it won’t give you any benefit but surely a big trouble to your health. You can fall sick. Hope you find this blog relevant for your Dinner diet. Stay tuned for more Health tips.